Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gul Dara District, Afghanistan

Photographer: Ghazal Faqirzada
Camera: Canon IXUS 310 HS
Place: Gul Dara, Afghanistan
Date Taken: May 31, 2013


Volfy said...

your pictures of the nature of Afghanistan are so beautiful! One day we want to visit there. we're looking forward to see your new pictures;) Be safe!
A couple from Turkey.

Volfy said...

we're so happy to know the beautiful Afghan nature via your pictures.
Keep upload them and let people in the world how much your country is beaufil;)
we'd love to visit there someday.

Armanistan said...

Salam alykum,
MashaAllah, such beautiful pictures you have taken. very nice. I am afghan and live for alreaddy 8 years in Holland, and i miss my country very much. this kind of beautiful pictures makes me very happy to see how beautiful our country is. Please make some more and share it eith us.

Thank You